Winter End-to-End 2018 (Merrickville to Ottawa)

23 Aug 2017

Snowshoeing the Rideau Trail through fields blanketed with fresh snow, over frozen beaver dams, and up icy trails? What a concept! Who would have guessed, almost 10 years ago when the first group of hardy hikers ventured from Kingston to Ottawa, that the Winter End-to-End would become an annual RTA tradition.

This challenge is a vigorous way to enjoy our Canadian high winter. Thanks to veteran hike leader Bill Murdoch’s influence, the Winter End-to-End now takes three seasons to cover the entire Trail. Lunching outdoors in the silent beauty (and sometimes misery) of winter, only helps to generate the camaraderie that develops among the participants. Staying in hotels, motels and B&Bs along the way is an option that gives us a fresh start each day.

Join us and hike the Ottawa section of the Rideau Trail in 2018. Two groups will be traversing the northern end of the trail from Merrickville to Ottawa. The Core Group will travel about 12 – 15 km per day. The Extra Length Group, will travel 15 – 20 km per day. Also, should there be sufficient interest, a group may start from Kingston.

Our dates

Weekend 1 – Saturday, January 6 & Sunday, January 7
Weekend 2 – Saturday, January  20 & Sunday, January  21
Weekend 3 – Friday, February 2 (moonlight Hike), Saturday, February 3 & Sunday, February 4
Weekend 4 – Saturday, February 17 & Sunday, February 18

Be prepared for winter weather and get your snowshoes out!

Have any questions? Email us at! Members can also check the Winter 2016-2016 edition of the Rideau Trail Newsletter.

We look forward to meeting you hardy types for another challenging RTA Winter E2E!

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