Beveridges Dam

As of August 2017, Parks Canada has granted permission for the Rideau Trail to cross Beveridges Dam.

The RTA is working to secure a route that will allow the main Rideau Trail once more to cross this dam and to avoid a long stretch of Highway 43. At this stage we cannot put a date on this rerouting being completed.

In the meantime, the blue side trail shown on RTA Map 11 now extends to the far (west) side of Beveridges Dam, within Parks Canada property immediately adjacent to the dam, BUT NO FURTHER. A picnic table has been installed there to act as a destination point pending trail rerouting.

When crossing the dam, all users must follow these safety rules:

  • Do not cross the dam during snowmelt (freshet) or when water is spilling over any section of the dam.
  • Be extremely cautious when crossing, as surfaces can be very slippery. There is a dangerous undertow at the dam.
  • At the higher centre section of the dam, use both hands to climb and descend the ladders.
  • Please report any safety issues immediately to the RTA at info@rideautrail.org.

We are excited by this new development, and by the growing partnership with Parks Canada. Members will be advised of progress with trail rerouting.