Since 1986, the Rideau Trail Association’s Rideau Trail Preservation Fund has ensured the protection, preservation and enhancement of the Trail. The Rideau Trail exists thanks to the co-operation of private and public landowners who grant permission to the Association and its members to access their property.

The Preservation Fund guards the Rideau Trail from factors such as rezoning for development or denial of access resulting from changes in private land ownership. It also provides a means for growth and improvement of the current Trail through special projects. RTA members are encouraged to contribute to this fund and Canadian contributors will also receive an income tax receipt for their gift. Contribute to the Preservation Fund Today!

There are six specific objectives for the Fund:

  • To enable the Association to purchase or lease, where necessary, lands, or to obtain rights of way or access along the route which might otherwise be endangered or alienated.
  • To enable the Association to provide financial assistance to other organizations in order to facilitate their purchase or lease of lands adjacent to the Trail or through which the Trail passes when this will ensure an appropriate environment for the Trail.
  • To carry out physical improvements to the Trail which involve major expenditures.
  • To establish structures and facilities which provide for overnight use of the Trail and provide protection in inclement weather.
  • To facilitate major Trail re-routing which enhances or preserves the Trail.
  • To permit the construction of additions to the Trail in the form of loops and side trails.