Input needed: Help us “score” the quality of the Rideau trail

29 Apr 2018

Have you hiked significant portions of the Rideau Trail? Have you completed an End to End?

The RTA’s Secure Our Trail Initiative* is looking for input from RTA members to “score” the quality of the Rideau trail, section by section using a defined scoring system. Participants can also provide a list of their top 5 favourite and least favourite sections of the Rideau Trail.

Findings from this research will be the basis for improving the experience of hiking the Rideau Trail.

To participate, please download and complete the files below and email them to Be sure to consult our maps to help refresh your memory on different sections of the trail.
Best/Worst Trail Sections (DOC)
Trail Quality By Section (XLS)
Trail Quality Scoring Guide (PDF)

*A result of our strategic planning consultations in 2017 and building off work done in 2006.

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