Top 10 Reasons why the Rideau Trail is like Star Wars

19 Dec 2015

Top 10 Reasons why the Rideau Trail is like Star Wars

Many of you may have spent time at the cinema this weekend. We don’t blame you! Star Wars has been around for nearly as long as the Rideau Trail. To celebrate the release of The Force Awakens, we made a list of reasons why the Rideau Trail is like Star Wars. Read on and unleash your inner Jedi!

1. The landscape sort of resembles Endor, which was actually filmed at Redwood National Park in northern California.

Endor Forest

2. The Rideau Trail Association was founded in 1971 but earned its charitable status in January 1975 – the same month that George Lucas completed his second draft of Star Wars.

Star Wars Script 1975

3. Hiking the Rideau Trail is known to produce a mysterious force known to elevate those who experience it. Unleash your inner Jedi!

Luke Skywalker with Yoda and an XWing

4. Allowed, talking like Yoda is. Shy about it, do not be.


5. You wont see X-Wings or Millennium Falcons but keep an eye out and you’ll see other birds like ospreys, herons and maybe even bald eagles and owls.

Osprey landing

6. Hiking the Rideau Trail is a great place to learn more about your father. Just leave the light sabres at home. Bring your sister and you might find you have more in common than you thought.

Darth Vader and Lukeskywalker in the Death Star

7. People from around the world and different generations have been enjoying the Rideau Trail for about 40 years. Crowds at our group outings can also get pretty large.

Rideau Trail Association hiking in Gatineau Park

8. The Rideau Trail can be seen as a trilogy where volunteers from our Ottawa, Central and Kingston clubs maintain three different sections of the trail.

Posters for Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

9. Star Wars is the 2nd highest grossing film in Canada and the U.S. At around 387km, the Rideau Trail is the 2nd longest continuous hiking trail in Ontario. Now, unlike Star Wars, the Rideau Trail has better chances of leaving you Gone With the Wind.

Rideau Trail Sign on the Lime Kiln Trail

10. Like Jedis, hikers on the Rideau Trail have better experiences when they rely on their own senses instead of having technology do all the work.

Hiker studying a map

May the forest be with you! Take an ewok in the woods. Discover the Rideau Trail!

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