Kingston Sewer Line

Map 01


UPDATED INFORMATION. The City of Kingston is putting in a new sewer line that will temporarily affect the RTA main trail.  The trail between Queen Mary Rd (South end) and the junction of Parkway Rd and Princess Street (North end)  will be closed while this work is ongoing.  Once the new sewer line is in place the surface will be improved to a multi-use trail and the RTA will revert back to normal use. The majority of the work to be done is North of Bath Rd, so the normal route can be used up to Bath Rd (when going North). However, there is still a bypass route in place between the intersection of Queen Mary Rd and Bath Rd up to Princess St. Go West along Bath Rd to Portsmouth (South end), and Portsmouth Rd to the junction of Princess Street (North End). 

There are signs at the start and finish of the reroute, as well as indicators when there are turns.  It is not expected that all of the work will be done by late fall 2023.