The RTA conducts End-to-End hikes on a regular basis, including a winter version. However, the practice of hiking entire trails in one continuous go has become popular.  This area provides information and assistance to anyone wishing to do a “through hike” of the main Rideau Trail.  

While the beauty and the varying terrains of the Rideau Trail certainly lend themselves to such efforts, there are many logistical aspects that make such an undertaking difficult.  The first main difficulty is the lack of closely located overnight accommodations in many parts of the trail.  Adding issues with water and food resupply, it either means that through hikers will be carrying heavy packs long distances – or else there is a need for trail friends that provide supplies and/or drive hikers to and from overnight accommodations.

Hike Guide

The RTA’s through-hike mini guide is a document that can assist in planning a through-hike of the Rideau Trail. The document contains details on overnight accommodations. If you have useful information, please send your updates to

Another planning tool that can assist greatly is Google Earth Pro, a free download. Add to it the RTA kmz/kml files from our map page and you can view trail information that includes all forms of overnight accommodations, where water resupply is possible, parking areas along the trail, elevation profiles and other key information. 

Don’t forget to check the Trail Alerts page before hiking. Remember not to conduct through-hikes during the Ontario Fall hunting season as many parts of the trail network are closed at that time.

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