Welcome to the official page for current Rideau Trail trail alerts. Remember to always check this page before hiking on the Rideau Trail. This page is maintained by by RTA trail maintenance volunteers and relies on contributions from hikers like you. Take part in maintaining the Rideau Trail and report a hazard by emailing us at or by phoning us at 1-613-545-0823.

The first alerts listed are the Most Recent ones, ie ones that have been posted within the last 30 days.  Remaining alerts are listed in reverse chronological order within map number, with their latest status (e.g. Current or Resolved). This change of order was started on April 25, 2019. Scroll down the list of alerts to find the section of trail that you are interested in for the most recent changes.   We also have a brief list of ongoing hazards that may that hikers may encounter while hiking the Rideau Trail.

Important: Closure information is updated as frequently as possible but may not be fully up to date.

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  • As part of Covid-19 precautions, ALL Provincial Parks have been closed to public use until 30 April 2020.  This means that any portions of the Rideau Trail that go through Provincial Parks should not be used.
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  • November 01, 2019
  • Blue route to be used until end of December 2019
  • 14 
  • All hikers are asked to remember that it is hunting season.  There are some closures and extra caution is recommended around all private lands.                            There is a specific closure just North of Burritt's Rapids.  The trail between Paden South to Donnelly is closed for the entire hunting season (Dec 31, 2019) as requested by landowner. Please use blue trail.  
  • June 14, 2018
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  • Maps 2 , 5, 8 and 9 have been updated as well as the text file describing the trail, which is now listed at the beginning of the map list. Maps 2 and 5 were updated to remove the campsites that are no longer available. Maps 8 and 9 were updated to show the new route through Murphys Point Provincial Park from 8G to 9A.  Note that waypoint 9A has been moved approximately 500m East to the parking area at the entrance to McParlan House on Black Ance Road
  • Jun 04, 19
  • Current
  • Map 01 
  • The trail is under water through the Marshlands Conservation Area (waypoints 1B to 1C) and is  temporarily rerouted onto Queen Mary Rd/Old Oak Rd/Country Club Drive until further notice.
  • Jan 1, 2019
  • Current
  • Map 02 
  • The Silver Hills Blue Trail (between waypoints 2A and 2B)  has been closed and abandoned.  The signs have been removed.
  • Nov 30, 2018
  • Current
  • Map 06 
  • UPDATE: The main trail has been rerouted onto the "Bypass Loop" and the ferry crossing has been abandoned.   Part of the main trail north of Bedford Mills (between points 6D and 7A) has been closed and the ferry is not available. Follow the blue trail marked "Ferry Bypass Blue Loop".
  • June 5, 2018
  • Reroute
  • Map 8/9 
  • A superb new section of trail has been opened at the North end of the Kingston section between Miners Point Road and Murphys Point Provincial Park.  Heading towards Ottawa from the parking at Miners Point Road (waypoint 8G) the trail heads east on Bass Bay Road for 1.5km and then turns N through the Park gates along a track. The trail turns L and winds around to a lookout over Big Rideau Lake and then continues north through bush to reach Black Ance Road approximately 50m east of the access road to McParlan House (500m east of waypoint 9A).  The map shows the original trail in blue and the new trail in red.  The downloadable maps will be updated in the near future.  Many thanks to the volunteers from Kingston, Central and Ottawa who created the new trail and removed the old blazes on June 5. Note that the old blazes have been removed - please do not attempt to follow the old trail.
  • July 22, 2019
  • Reroute
  • Map 09 
  • A major reroute near Narrows Lock Road has removed over 6km of road walking and returned the RT close to its old route from over 10 years ago.  The new 3km section of trail runs through the Mica Mines Conservation Reserve, managed by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority as well as private property.  The old trail along Narrows Lock Road and Stanley Road will be marked as a blue trail to provide a loop as well as access to parking at the east end of Powers Road and on McLaren Point Road south of Stanley Road. The blue trail from the Powers Road parking to the main trail is approximately 1km and the blue trail from McLaren Point Road to the main trail is approximately 1.5km.  Parking is also available at the Tay Valley Works Department on Narrows Lock Road south of Stanley Road. NOTE: There is a tricky beaver dam crossing on the new trail and poles would be useful. We have attempted to leave extra lengths of "beaver sticks" for use as poles but the residents may find other uses for them. Caution!! - there are many old open pit mines in the area - stay on the trail.
  • July 27, 2018
  • Current
  • Map 11 
  • Caution!!  A firing range has been set up between points 11C and 11D to the west of where the trail makes a sharp turn.  Use extreme caution especially when approaching from 11D.
  • Dec 24, 2018
  • Current
  • Map 12 
  • Old Slys Lock in Smiths Falls (Waypoint 12C) is undergoing major refurbishment this winter, and is fenced off, blocking access to the Rideau Trail beside the lock.  A simple short detour is available:
    N to S:  At the south end of Hershey Drive, turn Right onto Queen Street and proceed 250m, beneath the railway bridge, and turn Left at the lights onto Old Slys Road.  After 100m rejoin the Rideau Trail along Old Slys Road.
    S to N:  On Old Slys Road, instead of turning Right at Old Slys Lock, remain on Old Slys Road for 100m, turning Right at the lights onto Queen Street.  Follow Queen Street, under the railway line,  for 250 m before turning left onto Hershey Drive and rejoining the Rideau Trail.
  • July 14, 2019
  • Current
  • Map 14 
  • Update:  The trail between Paden South to Donnelly is closed for the entire hunting season (until Dec 31, 2019) as requested by landowner. Please use blue trail.              A new 600 foot boardwalk has been installed south of Paden Road (waypoint 14C) to avoid seasonal flooding.    A blue side trail has also been marked leading to the Stoney Steps waterfall (approx. 150m).                              A further reroute has been made between points 14C and 14D to avoid wet and muddy areas.  This section will be modified as the area returns to its natural state.                  Update: This reroute has been changed to become the main trail to avoid ongoing concerns with ATV use.
  • July 20 2019
  • Current
  • Map 18 
  • The NCC has closed NCC Trail 27 between points 27C and 27D which is also part of the Bell's Corners Blue Loop. Refer to the NCC website for more information.
  • July 20 2019
  • Current
  • Map 18 
  • There is major road construction on Old Richmond Road from south of Hope Side Road (Point 18A) north to West Hunt Club Road. At waypoint 18A a new intersection / roundabout is being built at Hope Side Road.  Hikers should use extreme caution through the construction zone and sidewalks.  The completed plan shows sidewalks from south of Hope Side Road up to the entrance to the NCC trails, but the completion date is unknown. At 18C where the RT crosses Old Richmond Road at the NCC parking lot P6, the road is being widened. Again hikers should use extreme caution at this road crossing.
  • Dec 24 2018
  • Current
  • Map 18 
  • This is a small blue loop reroute that will take hikers off a small section of Holly Acres Rd (Waypoint 18I) . and move them onto a new bike path constructed by the City of Ottawa during the transit construction, (see map reference)
  • July 14 , 2019
  • Resolved
  • Map 19 
  • UPDATE!  All parts of the Ottawa River Parkway are now open except for a detour around Richmond Landing (19G). (see map for reference)                              RESLOVED! The main trail from waypoint 19C to 19D are now open and all sections of the Ottawa River Parkway See for updates posted by the National Capital Commission. The main trail from 19C to 19D will be closed because of construction by the NCC. Please use the path on the South side of Sir John A Macdonald Parkway until further notice. The south side can be accessed by an underpass at Lanark Avenue (Kingston bound) and New Orchard Ave North (Ottawa bound).  (see map for reference) The section between waypoints 19D and 19E will be closed due to construction until the end of May.  Hikers and other users will be directed to use the pathway on the east side of the parkway (away from the river).