Support the Rideau Trail Association Inc.

The Rideau Trail Association Inc. (RTA) is a Canadian registered Charity dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of its trail network (main Rideau Trail between Kingston and Ottawa, plus 40 other loops and connector trails) and the promotion of self-propelled outdoor activities in Eastern Ontario, Canada.  There are many ways to support the Rideau Trail Association Inc.:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation to the Rideau Trail Operating Fund
  • Become an RTA member.  
  • Volunteer your time and talents with the RTA.
  • As a private or public landowner, allow the trail to cross your land. For more information, see our Landowner page.

Rideau Trail Operating Fund Donation

The Rideau Trail Association’s Operating Fund is used for normal operating and administrative expenses of the Rideau Trail system, including (but not limited to) insurance, small construction projects, and normal trail maintenance.  RTA Members contribute to the Operating Fund through their annual membership fees.

Preservation Fund Donation

The Rideau Trail Association’s Rideau Trail Preservation Fund was established in 1986 to ensure the protection, preservation and enhancement of the RTA’s network of trails. The RTA network of trails exist thanks to the generosity and cooperation of private and public landowners who grant permission to the Association and its members to access their property.

One purpose of the Preservation Fund is to help secure the RTA’s network of trails from factors such as rezoning for development or denial of access resulting from changes in private land ownership. The Preservation Fund also provides a means for growth and improvement of the current Trail through special projects such as major re-routes and construction projects.

Other Ways to Support