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These FREE PDF maps are essential when hiking the Rideau Trail. As changes to the Rideau Trail are made, they are incorporated into the maps and descriptions. Each map is date stamped to help you make sure you have the most recent one.
If you find these maps useful, you can support their maintenance by becoming a member of the Rideau Trail Association!

We invite all Rideau Trail users to use this information and then to provide feedback to us including corrections that you deem necessary. Please send your comments to

When planning a hike, be sure to also consult the Trail Alerts page before heading out.

Do you use Google Earth or a GPS device?

Download a KML file of our map! (Updated March 2021)
Download a GPX file of our map! (Updated March 2021)
View the map on Google Maps!

Experimental: Want to measure distance between to Rideau Trail map points? RideauTrailDistanceCalculatorRefv-Apr2021 (Updated Apr 2021)

The Rideau Trail is a not-for-profit, charitable organization run by volunteers. We encourage you to become a member or make a donation.

Detailed maps for Rock Dunder, Marble Rock, and the Gould Lake Blue Trails are available from the Frontenac Arch Biosphere.