Temporary Rerouting RT19G to 19H

Due to ongoing work by the NCC to improve the area, there will be ongoing temporary rerouting, and possible closures, to this part of the trail. The information below is from the NCC website:

The National Capital Commission (NCC) and federal partners began work on numerous projects along the Ottawa River Pathway on June 8, 2022. Undertaking these work requires the closure of sections of the Ottawa River Pathway behind Parliament Hill, from June 2022 to fall 2024.

Information about the affected pathway sections and closure dates is provided below.

Closure map
Closure map

West section: Portage Bridge to Cliff heating and cooling plant (June to spring 2023)

Part of PSPC’s Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP) to modernize energy systems, this project will involve the closure of the Ottawa River Pathway from Portage Bridge to the Cliff heating and cooling plant, from June 2022 to the spring of 2023.

Centre west section: Supreme Court escarpment (June 2022 to winter 2023)

PSPC will be working to stabilize the escarpment behind the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as remove the tunnel on the pathway. This work will require the closure of a section of the Ottawa River Pathway behind the Supreme Court from June 2022 to winter 2023, with the escarpment project taking place from spring 2023 to winter 2023.

East section: Parliament Hill escarpment (winter 2023 to fall 2024)

The NCC is currently in the process of planning for the rehabilitation of the escarpment directly behind Parliament Hill, immediately next to the Ottawa River Pathway, as flooding in 2019 significantly damaged the toe of the escarpment. The Ottawa River Pathway behind Parliament Hill, from the Rideau Canal to the Pitt parking lot (just east of the Supreme Court of Canada), will remain open open until the project gets underway in winter 2023.

We will attempt to update this alert with specific reroute information, as and when such information becomes available.

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