If you have provided Rideau Trail hikers access to your private property, your property is among more than 70 private properties that allow hikers to pass through them along the length of Rideau Trail.

The Rideau Trail could not exist without the cooperation of important stakeholders like you who include individual farmers and landowners. You have generously granted us formal permission to access your land for foot-traffic only. Similar permissions have also been granted by Provincial Parks, Conservation areas. These permissions do not grant hikers access to your entire property, but only to the portions that lie along the Rideau Trail as shown on our maps and as marked by orange trail markers.

When hiking the Rideau Trail, members are expected to use stiles to climb fences and to close gates after themselves. We abide by Leave No Trace principles.

Do you have land near the Rideau Trail?

The Rideau Trail Association is always looking for new areas nearby that could make logical connections to the Rideau Trail and access to more properties greatly helps in this process as they can support temporary or permanent reroutes of the Rideau Trail or become valuable blue trails that typical branch off from the main Rideau Trail.

Interested or want to know more? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!

Landowner Appreciation

Maintaining positive relationships with the landowners is a priority for the Rideau Trail and on occasion, our clubs host landowner appreciation events. If you want to know when the next one is taking place, be sure to contact your local club representative!