Map 06 – Bedford Mills

Skycroft Access – McAndrews Road

Shortly after leaving Skycroft, stop at the shelter and sign the Guest Book! Take something if you need or leave something for future travelers. This section of medium level trail leads down to the Cat Trail again for a short distance before turning sharp left into the woods. A mix of easier trail and country road leads on to beautiful Bedford Mills. Be sure to admire the old Mill and the old timbers hidden just below the surface of the lake. Head on out into some rougher terrain again as the Trail heads over McAndrews Road.

Trail Alerts

  • Skycroft Access Parking

    Where to park when wishing to hike the Skycroft Access Trail is always an issue.  RT maps (both map 05 and 06) indicate that there is some parking available.  There is very limited, three-season-only, parking on the North side of Opinicon Rd, right at the official entrance of the trail (at best, 3 vehicles from…

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