Map 09 – Mica Mines

Black Ance Point Rd – McLaren Point

the trail continues North from Lally Homestead through Murphy’s Point Provincial Park, primarily on  footpaths with frequent minor elevation changes, before going through some private property to Long Lake Rd.  After a brief bit on Long Lake Rd the trail circles
around a large wet area, then travels through some pasture areas (need to look carefully for signs in this area.  It parallels (in the woods) Narrows Lock Rd for a few hundred metres before turning NE through the Mica Mines Conservation Area.  Look for some wet areas and be cautious because off trail there are some large holes from former mica excavations. The trail continues through woods, cottage country and farmlands until it comes out on Ferrier Rd West.  Expect to cross multiple stiles during your hike. There are several blue access routes that provide flexibility in hike lengths.

Trail Alerts

  • Route Bypass

    A bypass to the beaver dam that is located between RT 09E and RT10A (just North of the Mica Mines boundary, closer to RT09E) has been built by Central Club and all the signage is now up.

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