In the Works – Waterfall Tour & Other Spring Hikes

Photo by Dave Doe

Hello Ottawa Club Leaders!

I know the snow has just arrived, but that’s got us planning for the end of winter and early spring, when the melting snow gives us those gorgeous waterfalls. We’d like to run a series of hikes that visit at least one waterfall per hike but can otherwise be designed in whatever way you wish, and in most cases as a level 2 or level 3 hike (or snowshoe).

Please let us know if you can offer one or more of these hikes (which are listed in no particular order) and provide a draft description for the newsletter along with a date (and alternative date). We can provide a screenshot of the area to help you plan your route. If you’d like to lead a hike to a waterfall that we haven’t listed, by all means let’s have your date and description for that one.

  • Hike #1 – Faris Creek and Luskville Falls waterfalls. Access: Luskville Falls.
  • Hike #2 – April Falls. Access: Steele and Wilson junction or Twin Pines on Eardley-Masham Road.
  • Hike #3 – Corniche Falls (immediately below Corniche Lake; Times Square is below, Yellow Box above). Access: Pilon Road or Church Hill parking lot on Eardley-Masham Road; could be combined with visit to Church Hill Falls. [Dave Audette will offer a level 3 hike starting at Pilon; 13 km.]
  • Hike #4 – Carbide Wilson Ruins.
  • Hike #5 – Alexander “Falls Ponds”. Access: P11 (O’Brien Beach) or P10 (Fortune Parkway). [Ann Lane will offer this one, but starting from P9 and the Dunlop picnic grounds, first going up the falls above the picnic grounds.]
  • Hike #6 – Hollow Glen Falls; could be combined with Lauriault Falls. Access: Hollow Glen road off Mountain Road.
  • Hike #7 – Pulpit Falls. Access: Cregheur Road.
  • Hike # 8 – Round Falls – located between Round pond and Fairburn Bay on Lac La Peche. Access: road into Lac La Peche beach/campground

And the most unusual and farthest out of town…

  • Hike #9 – Lac Loutre Falls. Access: Hwy 366, past St. Pierre de Masham onto Chemin St. Louis, then Chemin Lac LaPeche Road. Level 2 only.

Not into waterfalls? If you’d like to offer a non-waterfall hike for the spring schedule (March through June), now is the time to do that too. Below is a sample description as a reminder of the needed details, but for now date, destination and level would be enough.

Sunday, April 16 (or 23) Gatineau Park Hollow Glen Falls
Level 2+ at a moderate pace, 10-12 km. Considerable climbing and faint trails, good views over Ottawa Valley. Bring lunch and wear good boots. Depart from Tunney’s Pasture at 9:30 am. Gas $3. Leader: Ima Walker 613-111-5555 or e-mail

Deadline: Please aim to have your information to us by Monday, January 9 and we’ll start filling in the schedule before the Leaders Meeting on January 12 (7 to 9 pm at the Westboro Superstore, Richmond and Kirkwood).

Questions? Please email us at

Thanks in advance to you all. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Rideau Trail Association, and we really appreciate all that you do for your fellow members!

Ann Bolster
Assistant Activities Coordinator
Rideau Trail Association, Ottawa Club