Videos: Oktoberquest – a Rideau Trail Thru-Hike

23 Dec 2015

In fall 2012,’s Bruce Watts set off on his OktoberQuest – A 326.5 km, 13-day solo thru-hike of the complete Rideau Trail. on each day of his hike, Bruce shot, edited and uploaded a daily video from his iPhone. Share the adventure by watching all the videos. If you’re a great considering a Rideau Trail thru-hike, this is definitely essential viewing! You might even want to watch it twice.

OktoberQuest – An Introduction

Day 1 – Kingston City Hall to south of Sydenham (29.1km)

Day 2 – Sydenham to Gould Lake (23.4km)

Day 3 – Frontenac Prov. Park (22.7km)

Day 4 – Frontenac Prov. Park to Bedford Mills (30km)

Day 5 – Bedford Mills to the Narrows Locks (30km)

Day 6 – Narrows Lock to Murphy’s Point Prov. Park (16.2km)

Day 7 – Murphy’s Point Prov. Park to Perth (28km)

Day 8 – Perth to the Beveridge Locks

Day 9 – Beveridge Locks to Smiths Falls

Day 10 – Smiths Falls to Merrickville (32km)

Day 11 – Merrickville to Marlborough Forest

Day 12 – Marlborough Forest to West Ottawa (45km)

Day 13 – Success! West Ottawa to Ottawa Locks (16km)

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