RT Thru-Hike Sample Itinerary

24 Oct 2015

Rideau Trail through the Marlborough Forest
The Marlborough Forest, on the outskirts of Ottawa, is part of the Rideau Trail.

Do you dream of hiking the RT as a thru-hike? It’s a bucket list item for many! Depending on your route, the distance of your route can be between 325km and nearly 400km! Hikers usually take anywhere between 10-16 days to complete it but some have succeeded to do it more quickly. All End to Enders are recognized equally by the RTA.

To help with you’re planning, we’re sharing an example of someone’s itinerary including ideas on where to spend the night. Always be sure to consult our maps and our trail alerts before heading out.

What do you think? Any advice for people who want to take on this challenge? Let us know in the comments!

Sample itinerary (distances are approximate – use as reference only)

Day 1: Walk from Kingston to the KOA camp ground (23 km). Camp there (near map point 02B).
Day 2: Walk to Sydenham (22 km) & restock on food at the Foodland Grocery Store. Stay with friends.
Day 3: Walk to Frontenac Provincial Park (20 km). Camp in the park at Doe Lake (04G).
Day 4: Walk to Buck Lake (15 km). Stay with friends.
Day 5: Walk to Upper Rock Lake (Opinicon Rd.) (20 km). Stay with friends or camp at Lindsay Lake (05G – a bit further).
Day 6: Walk to CRCA campground on Mosquito Lake (21 km). Camp there (between 06C & 06D).
Day 7: Walk to Westport (19 km). Stay at the Cove Inn or camp at Foley Mountain (07E – arrange this in advance with the RVCA).
Day 8: Walk to Narrows Lockstation. (21 km). Camp there (600m from 08C).
Day 9: Walk to Murphys Point Provincial Park (20 km). Camp there (09C).
Day 10: Walk to Perth (20 km). Camp at Last Duel Park or stay in a hotel (near 10E).
Day 11: Walk to Smith Falls (27 km). Camp at Old Slys Lockstation (12C), a hotel or in a caboose at the Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario.
Day 12: Walk to Merrickville (21 km). Camp at Merrickville Lockstation (13E) or stay at the Wolford House B&B.
Day 13: Walk to Cedar Grove Parking Lot (Roger Stevens Drive) (31 km). Stay at TLC B & B.
Day 14: Walk to Richmond (30 km) Stay at TLC B & B.
Day 15: Walk to to Bells Corners (28 km). Camp at Wesley Clover Parks Campground (18G).
Day 16: Walk to Parliament (23 km).

For more ideas on where to sleep, visit our Overnight Accommodations page.

Want to see a thru-hike in action? Watch this 13-part video series filmed during Campology.ca’s Bruce Watts’ solo through hike in 2012.

Thru-hikers are strongly encouraged to join the RTA. Memberships come with several benefits including merit badges for successful end-to-enders! Visit our Badges page for information on how to earn these.

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