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Our Great Big Colour-Cover Photo Contest

Voting is now open to choose a photo to grace our first-ever colour-cover edition of the Rideau Trail Newsletter. Everyone is welcome to vote now.

Voting will continue until August 15th.

Keep shooting!
Our next contest may be looking for wintry photos or shots taken on RTA hikes in other places that we love to go. You never know when a funny or wonderful sight will appear!

The Rideau Trail Association is a non-profit organization and a founding member of Hike Ontario. Its purpose is to preserve and maintain a hiking trail from Kingston to Ottawa. Its registered trademark is a red-orange isosceles triangle; these triangles are used to mark the main trail (to distinguish the two directions, Kingston-bound trail markers carry yellow tips). In addition to the main trail, there are a number of side trails which are marked by blue triangles. The total length of cleared and marked trails is 387 km.

The trail itself crosses terrain ranging from placid farmland to the rugged Canadian shield. It is only intended for walking (hiking), snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. No part of the Rideau Trail itself is owned by the Rideau Trail Association; the continuity of the trail is made possible by the generous permission of both private and public landowners and is enhanced by the existence of a special fund called the Rideau Trail Preservation Fund.

Each of the three hiking clubs of the RTA - Kingston, Central (Perth), and Ottawa, organize outings in all seasons of the year. They usually take place on the weekend and comprise an activity appropriate for the season, such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter and hiking in the spring, summer, and fall. Other activities are scheduled during the week or on some holidays.

Maps and trail descriptions are available free to both members and non-members on the website. Hard copies are also available for sale.

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