Welcome to the official page for current Rideau Trail trail alerts. Remember to always check this page before hiking on the Rideau Trail. This page is maintained by by RTA trail maintenance volunteers and relies on contributions from hikers like you. Take part in maintaining the Rideau Trail and report a hazard by emailing us at info@rideautrail.org or by phoning us at 1-613-545-0823.

Alerts are listed in reverse chronological order, the most recent first, with their latest status (e.g. Current or Resolved). We also have a brief list of ongoing hazards that may that hikers may encounter while hiking the Rideau Trail.

Important: Closure information is not always actively updated on weekends.

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  • Jan 5, 2018
  • Current
  • Map 9
  • UPDATE: The bridge at the end of Mill Street over the Tay River was closed for construction work but is now re-opened.  During the winter months the bridge can be very slippery and has a steep slope.  It may be necessary to follow the detour below. When hiking Kingston-bound turn right (Northwest) at the Town Hall and follow Gore Street to the traffic lights.  Turn left onto Foster Street and cross the next set of traffic lights to Peter Street. Follow Peter Street to Rogers Road and turn Left to rejoin the trail one block to the southeast at John Street. When hiking Ottawa-bound follow the trail on John Street to the bridge closed sign and turn left onto Thom Street. In one block turn right onto Peter Street and follow it to the traffic lights.  Continue on to the second set of lights and turn right onto Gore Street.  At the Town Hall, turn left at the RTA sign into the Crystal Palace park and rejoin the trail.
  • Nov 30, 2017
  • Current
  • Map 06
  • Part of the main trail north of Bedford Mills (between points 6D and 7A) has been closed and the ferry is not available. Follow the blue trail marked "Ferry Bypass Blue Loop".
  • Nov 25, 2017
  • Current
  • Map 12
  • Parks Canada is working on the Combined Locks in Smiths Falls and Centennial Park will be closed until Spring 2018. When heading south from 12A follow James Street and turn Left on Strathcona Street.  In 3 blocks turn Right onto Confederation Drive. Immediately before the bridge, turn Right onto the pathway and then turn Left over the pedestrian bridge to continue on the Rideau Trail.
  • Nov 20, 2017
  • Current
  • Map 11
  • The Drummond - North Elmsley Community Centre has been sold to a private owner and parking is no longer available at that location (close to point 11C on the July 2016 map)
  • Nov 18, 2017
  • Update
  • Richmond Detour
  • UPDATE: Most of the Richmond Blue Loops have been reopened. Click on the map link (Map 16) to show the section still closed (red trail) due to construction.  There  are detour signs at both 16BC going south east through the bush & near 16BD parking lot.  The parking lot at 16BD is still open but when going northwest on the blue trail about 30 feet there is a detour sign going west (yellow trail) through the lagoon on a berm to reconnect to the blue trail.
  • August 25, 2017
  • Current
  • Map 11
  • The blue trail from the Lower Beveridges Locks to the Beveridges Dam has been extended. Hikers can now cross the dam when water levels are low. Please read the RTA and Parks Canada signs regarding the dangers.  NOTE: The trail does NOT extend beyond the picnic area at this time. Learn more... 
  • June 25, 2017
  • Current
  • Map 8
  • The Rideau Trail in Murphys Point Provincial Park (Lally Homestead - map point 09B) and near the St. Anthony's Monastery (near 08G) on Miners Point Road is experiencing flooding due to the beaver dams in the area. Best route: From Miners Point Road (400m west of 08G), turn left on Miners Point Road, turn right on Narrows Lock Road and right on Lally Road and walk to 09B.